I'm selling a property and will make a Capital Gain on it - what do I have to report and pay?

From 6th April 2020 the rules on reporting a gain from selling property for a UK resident have changed and you now have 30 days in which to report and pay the Capital Gains tax arising on that sale.

There's more about what this means for you in this video post

HMRC's guidance can be found here:


If you would like us to report this for you then you will first need to ensure that you have a Government Gateway User ID and password set up. Then you can ask us to apply to act on your behalf and we can get an authorisation link sent out to you (being authorised to complete your self assessment tax return does not cover this new CGT portal so we will have to request a further authorisation).

There will be fines and interest on tax not declared or paid on time so it's really important that you discuss with us any plans to sell rental or second properties in good time so that we can help you to comply with the new rules.


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