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Company Formation data for Oxfordshire 2018

Company Formation data for Oxfordshire 2018

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Inform Direct have released their survey of company formation data for last year, and it makes for interesting reading! Here in Oxfordshire we can see a growth in the number of companies in the region once again, and even taking into account the number of companies that have been dissolved during the year, we still have 3% more companies in our county than we did in 2017.  Take a look below to see what's happening in your part of Oxfordshire - we have data broken right down into wards. If you're marketing B2B services perhaps this information can help you to make some decisions about what regions to target?

And if you're looking for help forming a company this year, please give us a call for a free informal chat about what the process involves.

Inform Direct Infographic - Company formations in Oxfordshire 2018


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