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Introducing our Quick Queries Service

Introducing our Quick Queries Service

Friday, August 23, 2019

We often get asked to do a quick job for clients - a short query or a five minute phone call to clarify something, and we're always really pleased to hear from you and help with any worries you may have. We know some clients aren't sure if it's OK to give us a ring, or worry that there's going to be a fee attached so hold off asking until, perhaps, the issue becomes bigger or more serious. We really want to make sure you feel that the door is always open and you're able to use our expertise as your trusted advisors. To clarify that service, we've developed our Quick Queries Service, which we offer to all current clients who engage with us. It's free and you can use it as often as you need to.

Why we developed this service. 

At Panthera, we want to work with you on an ongoing basis as your trusted advisor, rather than just focus on last year’s numbers. To do that, we need to understand your goals and challenges, as well as ensure you make the best possible business decisions. So that you’re comfortable contacting us, we don’t charge for Quick Queries. Our Quick Queries service helps unlock opportunities for tax savings and prevents you making mistakes that may have costly implications for the business in the future. 

When should you use this service? 

This service can be used for any quick query when you want advice around a particular issue, for example: 

  • Coding queries
  •  To clarify if an expense is tax deductible 
  • The potential purchase or sale of an asset 
  • PAYE deductions 

We have a vast amount of expertise, experience, and resources to share with our clients. Our expertise is not limited to the financial and tax worlds and includes Business Planning, Coaching, Cashflow Improvement, Marketing, and even Sales. It’s important that you get the support you need as a business owner, so don’t let the fear of a bill get in the way of picking up the phone or emailing us. Please use your Client Manager as your initial contact point for your quick query. They are easier to get hold of than a Director and can readily answer most quick queries. 

What is included? 

A quick query is something that can be raised and resolved within ten minutes, whether over the phone, in an email, or face to face conversation. Some queries may seem simple at the outset, but are very technical in nature, or identify an opportunity to prevent a serious problem down the track, or make a tangible difference to your cashflow. If we need to spend more time to ensure we get you the best possible outcome, we'll always discuss potential costs with you upfront, before we commence any new work.

 'If in doubt give us a shout!'

Call Panthera Ltd on 01235 768561 with any Quick Queries you may have! 

Benefits of our Quick Queries Service 

  • No bill for a quick question with a quick answer 
  • Avoid mistakes that may have costly implications down the line 
  • Build a trusted relationship with us
  •  Keep us informed of your plans 
  • Minimise taxation commitments 
  • Discover an alternative point of view 
  • Make informed decisions
  •  Identify further issues that you hadn’t considered
  •  Gain access to the collective wisdom of the Panthera team


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